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Abstract Outline


  • An Introduction and Overview of the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project
    • Interesting nature of audio to text scholarly research project.

Crowdsourcing in Humanities Research

  • Oxford English Dictionary
    • This can be considered an early (1858) example of scholarly crowdsourcing.
  • Humanities Crowdsourcing projects.
    • Examine other crowdsourcing projects and assemble criteria (factors and characteristics of the websites) ??? create graphs to show the results.
    • How does the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project reflect/simplify these criteria.

Demonstrate the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Site

  • Run through of the ???Tool??? ??? the website.
    • Development and description of the website.
    • Transcriptions and Translations.
    • How do users sign the clips out?
    • How does the project verify the transcriptions?
    • Screen Shots to emphasize the website.
  • How groupsourcing helps folklore studies.

Design and Motivation Challenges

  • The Participants
    • How did we factor in their unique needs being factored?
    • The specific design decisions.
  • Motivation
    • Cultural impact
    • Intrinsic vs. External motivation


  • Summary and justification of the project.

SDH-SEMI Reviewers Suggestions

  • Reviewer 1
    • Look at ???Beware Social Media???s Dark Side, Scholars warn Companies.???
    • The work offers important elements of outreach and interaction with a social minority ??? provide a model.
    • Seeing the system in action.
  • Reviewer 2
    • Seeing the system in action.
    • How are the sound files broken into clips? ??? We cannot answer this.
    • How do users sign them [Audio Clips] out?
    • Learning about the quality of transcriptions that result? ??? We cannot answer this.
    • How does the project verify the transcriptions?
    • Is a team of experts used?
    • How accurate is crowdsourcing? ??? We cannot answer this.
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