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LaTeX code for November 29, 2010

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1. We are still planning to apply for the Killam Cornerstone grant this upcoming spring.

2. Planning for Digitization Day is coming along smoothly; we still need to get in touch with English to find out if they will help with funding.

3. Chiao Chun will send another round of invites for the Zotero group. Please everyone accept this invitation. Also please add any and all references you have consulted up until this point to the Group Zotero account.

4. Victoria will add a column to the metadata sheet she shared last week based on the decisions we made in the meeting. Andrea and Colette should take into account the projects they are working on and make recommendations for additional fields if need be.

5. Colette will look at the Research Protocol for Oral Histories and adapt or improve it.

6. The Living Archives section of HIstory and Archives will take the created personas back to their group to prioritize the intended audience(s) for the future website.

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