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Nonlinear Editing (NLE) existence depends on the computer. Early generations of this technology were consoles and now they are software programs. This type of software has become so popular that free versions exist (like Blender 3D), and a program comes included when buying a new computer (iMovie for Mac’s and Windows Movie Making for PC’s).<ref> Non-linear editing system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.” </ref> This was not always the case. Apparent in any developing technology, nonlinear video editing was not a reliable system in the early years. In the beginning “…early digital video was plagued with performance issues and uncertainty … [but] the advantages of nonlinear [editing] became so over whelming that they could not be ignored. <ref>“Linear vs Non Linear Editing.”</ref>

The advantages of nonlinear editing allow greater possibilities of use because there is a freedom that does not exist in linear editing. Think of it like a DVD where you can skip forward to different chapters vs. a VHS where you have to fast forward through 20 minutes of tape to get to your favorite scene.


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