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\subsection{\textbf{Open GWrit Personas and Scenarios}}

We are exploring how to update the existing version of GWrit to be an open version, which will not only be used by University students, but could be opened to the public as an online writing environment. The followings are the kinds of users who might be interested in GWrit.

\textbf{1st Persona: Ellen}


Ellen is 16 years old, she is a native English speaker. She is in Grade 11. She has some experience with computers, and has used the Internet for 7 years.  She loves to play computer games. She also loves fan fiction, and joins a Harry Potter fans community. She heard about GWrit from the community. They are going to hold a Writing Marathon on GWrit.

Scenario 1:
	\item  Ellen has heard about an environment to help her writing called GWrit. She googles ???gwrit??? and gets the GWrit website.
	\item  She watches the introductory video and decides to get an account. 
	\item  She clicks the ???Get an Account??? button and fills out her name, password, age, and email. The system sends her a confirmation email to activate her account. 
	\item  She then goes back to the site and logs in. She is greeted with a Welcome to GWrit panel which she reads. The panel walks her through what she can do. She can dismiss it whenever she wants.
	\item  Following the greeting panel, she clicks the ???Create Project??? button, and types in the project title in the text input area. 

Scenario 2:
	\item  Ellen clicks ???Create Project???, she then types the project name ???Harry Potter Marathon??? in the ???Project Title??? text box.
	\item  She then types in the project description in the text area in the center. 
	\item  She clicks the "save" button to save the project description. 
	\item  She clicks the "Task+" under the project she just created, and types in the task title and the task description in the center. 
	\item  She then type in 2000 as a word count goal for this task, and a deadline Dec. 15, 2016.
	\item  She then notices that the expect points changes to 700 from 400.
	\item  She then clicks "save" button to save the task she just created. 

Scenario 3:
	\item  She clicks the task title she just created, and goes to the task writing page, and type in some words in the text editing area. 
	\item  She then follows the greeting panel to go through the analytics and comment features. 
	\item  She clicks the "Analytics" tab at the right of the page, and five analytic tools appear below the tab.
	\item  She clicks the little triangle beside "Your Statistics" to unfold the block, which provides some statistics of Ellen's writing.
	\item  She then clicks the triangle beside "Word Cloud", and the block above is collapsed, and the "Word Cloud" block is unfolded, which provides an visual graphic of the word frequency, and three keywords auto generated according to the visual graphic.  
	\item  She then continue to try the "Concordance", and types in a word "rebirth", and sets context length as "3". The results shows every appearance of the word "rebirth" in the writing. 
	\item  She then clicks the "Readability", and the result shows some measurements related to readability, including character count, character per word, sentence count, and words per sentence. 
	\item  She then clicks the "Link to Voyant", which shows a button and a message saying that "Send your text to Voyant:  a web-based reading and analysis environment".

Scenario 4:
	\item  Ellen thinks that it will be great to write a self introduction first, to allow people in the community know more about her.
	\item  She then clicks the site ID ???GWrit???, and goes to the homepage.
	\item  She clicks the project title ???Harry Potter Marathon??? she just created. 
	\item  The project panel pops out. She the clicks ???+???, and types in ???Self Introduction??? in the task title textbox. 
	\item  Then she clicks ???Save???.
	\item  She feels that it will be better to switch the order of the two tasks. She then drags the ???Self Introduction??? above to the ???Voldemort's rebirth???.
	\item  She then clicks ???Self Introduction???, and goes to the text editing page. 

Scenario 5:
	\item  Ellen starts to type in some words in the textbox to introduce herself. 
	\item  She noticed that the ???Word Count??? updated simultaneously as she wrote words in the text box, and she feels it will be very useful in the writing marathon.
	\item  She does not need to save the writing, as every word she wrote down has been saved automatically.
	\item  She then clicks the ???Share??? button under the text box to publish this self introduction.
	\item  She wants to add more information in the "Self Introduction" task description, so she clicks the "Self Introduction" tab above the editing area, and goes to the task editing page. 
	\item  She then types in "Just a brief introduction. " in the task description. 
	\item  But she find that the task goal and deadline are not able to change after initialized. 
	\item  She clicks "save" to save the new change. 

\textbf{2nd Persona: Alex}


Alex is 22 years old. He is an international undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at the U of A. He has a strong background in computer operation, and has used the Internet for 10 years. He is effective in verbal and written English, but has some difficulties in academic paper writing. He signed up to GWrit, and hopes to improve his writing skills from feedback (commenting) from friends.

Scenario 1: 
	\item  Alex clicks the GWrit url his friends sent to him, and goes to the landing page of GWrit.  
	\item  As he already knows GWrit???s basic functionality from his friends, he does not watch the introductory video and clicks the ???Get an Account??? button immediately. 
	\item  After getting an account, he logs in to GWrit. 
	\item  He dismisses the greeting panel, and noticed that is a buttons at the left side of the page: ???Create a Project???.
	\item  He then clicks the button, and writes a brief description in the description box, and named the project as "Academic Writing". 
	\item  He then clicks the "+ Task" button under the new project he just created, and named it as "Term Paper".
	\item  He then set the goal as 2000 words, and deadline as Dec. 15, 2016.
	\item  Then the expect points shows he will get 700 points if finish the task on time. 
	\item  He clicks the task title and goes to the editing page.
	\item  He then copys the text from a local file to the text editing box.
	\item  He thinks the paper need to be revised before share with others,  then he clicks the site ID at the top left, going to the home page of GWrit.
	\item  He clicks the ???Logout??? button at the top right corner, and logs out. 

Scenario 2:
	\item  Alex opens GWrit through his bookmarked page.
	\item  This time, there is no greeting panel after he logs in.  
	\item  Alex clicks the"Term paper" he created yesterday.
	\item  He clicks the Analytics tab left of the text box.
	\item  He chooses ???Word Cloud??? to analyze this writing. 
	\item  Then the results show an image of the keywords of his writing. Under the image, there are five key word tags of the keyword, according to the analysis results. 
	\item  Alex notices that the word ???keyword 1??? should not be a key word of his writing, he then clicks the little ???X??? to delete this tag.
	\item  After revised his text a little, he clicks the ???Share??? button to share his writing with others.  

Scenario 3:
	\item  After revised his text a little, he clicks the ???Share??? button to share his writing with others.  
	\item  A share panel pops out. 
	\item  He then inputs two email address of his friends, and writes down "I have one section finished! Yeah!" in the textbox, and checks the Twitter and Facebook icon to "boast" his writing. 
	\item  He then clicks "Done".
	\item  He want some feedback from an expert in his field, and then he clicks the "Invite to comment" button, and input the email of the expert. 
	\item  He then clicks "Done".

\\\textbf{3rd Persona: Sophia}


Sophia is 25 years old, and new immigrant to Canada. She has very little knowledge of English. She has some experience with website develop. She heard from her brother that GWrit provides a writing environment which might be helpful for her writing skills. Then she signed up for an account, and starts a writing challenge with her brother.   

Scenario 1:
	\item  Sophia asks her friend for the url of the GWrit website.
	\item  She types the url in the address bar and goes to the GWrit homepage.
	\item  She logs in with her new account.
	\item  After logging in, Sophia types her brother???s email account in the search bar, and the result shows her brother???s user name.
	\item  She clicks her brother???s user name ???Bob???, and goes to Bob???s page.
	\item  She noticed that Bob has posted 15 writings. She clicks one of the writings titled ???One day in New York???, and starts to read this writing. 
	\item  Sophia then clicks the comment icon at the top right corner, and types in ???Such a wonderful day!??? in the commenting panel. She then clicks ???Submit??? button.

Scenario 2:
	\item  Sophia then clicks Bob???s user name at the top of the page, and goes to Bob???s profile page.
	\item  She saw that Bob is at level 5 now, and has got many badges.
	\item  There is a writing report that shows the curve of the word count of Bob???s everyday writing. 
	\item  She saw that Bob writes more words on weekends, about 1500 words every weekend day. 
	\item  She clicks the ???Challenge??? button under Bob???s portrait.
	\item  She then clicks the site ID ???GWrit??? and goes to her own homepage. 
	\item  She notices that a ranking list appears at the left of the page. Since Sophia only challenges Bob, there are only two users in the ranking list. The first is ???Bob??? with 757 words, and the second is ???Sophia??? with 0 words. The number is the user???s everyday writing wordcount. 
	\item  She clicks the ???Create a project??? button, and her goal for today is 1000 words. She hopes that she will climb to the first in tomorrow???s ranking list.

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