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LaTeX code for Meeting September 13th, 2010

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Here are my notes:

1. We discussed what sorts of grants to apply for. We agreed to go for a Killam Cornerstone in April and possibly a SAS for travel for April too.

2. We discussed conferences to send papers to. Andrea will do a scan of conferences and deadlines. Some conferences to look at:
	\item  Society for Digital Humanities (Congress)
	\item  Digital Humanities Conference (at Stanford)
	\item  there are probably library and archive conferences too
	\item  DHSI - Digital Humanities Summer Institute (at Victoria)

3. We discussed what tools we will use and settled on the Annoki wiki that Humanities Computing is running for a start. Harvey will circulate accounts and information. Harvey and I will show 

4. Digitization Day. We discussed organizing some sort of digitization day to meet others working on projects and to connect with the library. Dorota is leading this and will consult with Victoria. She will bring ideas back next week.

5. Chiao-Chun and Andrea will start work on researching issues around digitization and return. For next week they will bring questions, samples of what they are finding and so on for brainstorming.

6. Andrea gave us a summary of scanning standards here at U of A and how the library does it. She will post this info to the wiki when set up.

Agenda for next week:
	\item  Demo of how to use wiki (Harvey and Geoffrey) - bring your laptop and try it out
	\item  Conference information (Andrea)
	\item  Ideas for digitization day (Dorota)
	\item  Review of what done last year (Victoria)

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