CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Sept. 24th, 2010


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  • Lit reviews on Personas and Scenarios articles
  • Google persona scenarios
  • Bibliography that Peter put together
  • Four or five articles and the key articles- post them
  • The most recent meetings at the top (chronological order)
  • Always ask the question is there literature on the subject - good references
  • key references from all the articles
  • put example projects under literature and Links heading and the links to them
  • Need a bibliographic reference that you can cut and paste.
  • Sentence explaining the links
  • Don't use user (edit) - idea of a persona is a fictional actual user
  • Maryna get her sense on the persona and scenarios
  • Change Scenario at the top to Introduction
  • Fix the format of the Persona and Scenario page.
  • When build the systems use the scenarios to audit
  • For Nadia change to that she was invited - we will just give them accounts and passwords
  • Usage scenario 2 for Nadia further press submit (as well) weave 3 in to 2
  • Use translation not transcription for Nadia
  • Usage scenario 1 - Checking out so it wont be available for anyone else (just one)
  • Her adding meta data and tagging or the system asks her after she submits it
  • Filling out a comment field to the editor
  • Ethics proposal - go over it
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