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	\item Personas - At the home page she goes into songs and listens
	\item Selects the song - after browsing
	\item On the page it is shown as available (still needs work...)
	\item Have the clip feature - download whole audio file.
	\item Wants - to be able to download the clip
	\item No graphics in the wire frame - focus on function
	\item Don't put in any features that are not in the scenarios
	\item Barebones - a wireframe
	\item Login on same page 
	\item FAQ
	\item don't need group sourcing articles - think about the terms
	\item Multimedia vs. Audio clips
	\item Don't need the register step in persona
	\item What info on each song on the clip page - label, duration, button to play, is it singed out/status, 
	\item Names on front page or metadata site?
	\item Column for translator and transcriber - connected to status.
	\item Button for tags or Key words or a field for that - on the clip list
	\item Look at different lists of data (date and published) when available again - organization on the webpage.
	\item Keep a list of what is wanted separate from the scenario list
	\item "The Laws of Simplicity" on designing interfaces - what you don't need don't put in.
	\item Ethics: Questions: How can one involve people in group/crowd sourcing?
	\item Amazon's mechanical Turk - come up with a task that multiple people to work on (paid). IE) checking e-mais paid 5 cents. System for crowd sourcing, volunteers (why, what keeps them working on it, what do they find rewarding, do they need their names highlighted, do they need special recognition.) Start thinking about research questions - what do we want to learn?
	\item Figure out motivation - interviewing, see the speed at which the get it done, who does the most? (long tail effect) - Want to interview the extremes, long analysis (when do they check out a clip and how long does it take to for them to finish). Long analysis and statistics, interviews, .
	\item Draw together research questions and then identify the methodology we need to use (one page) build in the analytics.
	\item Need to start doing a literature review - MA wrote his thesis  on motivation and crowd-sourcing - use this as a bibliography.
	\item Look at Mechanical Turk (commercializing crowd sourcing - a meta system), Boinc as well. (SETI project - looking through all the wave lengths to find an intelligent signal, screensaver plays on the computer - like a super computer with other peoples computer). Boinc takes this idea and abstracts it.
	\item Peter Organashack thesis - reading following links (email him - get ideas and/or sources to look at).