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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Oct. 29th, 2010

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	\item Research Plan
	\item Objectives - how we are going to do it - the probes 
	\item Test the hypothesis to transcribe rather than translate (or vice versa)
	\item log the data about what they do
	\item Interview them after the process
	\item User-friendliness
	\item three probes - collecting data, post interviews, In january run a training session/usability on the interface
	\item Work with three volunteers to come in and work with the interface and then run a workshop, hand out a questionnaire
	\item RP: Objectives, The 3/4 probes, 
	\item Post interview the questions I'll ask - over phone, or a visit -orally for those locally
	\item Find out about participation, crowd-sourcing
	\item Ask Natalie and Maryna - putting this together, what questions do they want us to do - work with Maryna?
	\item Logging - what do we want to log - goes to the developer
	\item How long when someone signs out a clip and signs it back int, how many diff clips are signed out
	\item Find out who helped them, like a granddaughter
	\item General questions whether they learned anything, what sort of resources would be helpful- like a Ukraine-English dictionary
	\item Ethics, what is the best way to do it? New One, amend the old one (email HERO)
	\item Talk to Maryna and Natalie to organize a training session in January - catch the bugs/see how the system works.
	\item Questionnaire at the end - put it into the conditional - do you think this would be helpful, is January the right time (for email)
	\item Send an email to Karl - meet to start the programming, walk through the wireframes.
	\item Karl needs an account for CIRCA -Harvey
	\item Go over when this will get done -site up meetings once every week or two weeks.
	\item Could go and see him
	\item Wireframes - put edit button where the lock button is for users 
	\item Add notes to the wireframes

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