CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Oct. 1st, 2010


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  • Ethic problems with journals: Easy for people to figure out who we're interviewing.
  • Interviewing someone is fine it's when you want to research and report about them
  • Ethics proposal - research it and send any problems that I see to Dr. Rockwell
  • Needs to be done before next week
  • Protocol for ethics
  • Balsamic an application (trial period) for wireframe - lookup
  • Evernote for note taking??
  • Create a new persona (not primary) who ask for a password and registration
  • We need a to do section
  • We need a webpage for this project - for people to go an learn a little bit more about the site.
  • A coat hager page - name, one paragraph, who to contact, thin graphic slice, maybe audio clips
  • Nothing that is copywrited for some one else
  • Natalie
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