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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Oct. 1st, 2010

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	\item Ethic problems with journals: Easy for people to figure out who we're interviewing.
	\item Interviewing someone is fine it's when you want to research and report about them
	\item Ethics proposal - research it and send any problems that I see to Dr. Rockwell
	\item Needs to be done before next week
	\item Protocol for ethics
	\item Balsamic an application (trial period) for wireframe - lookup
	\item Evernote for note taking??
	\item Create a new persona (not primary) who ask for a password and registration
	\item We need a to do section
	\item We need a webpage  for this project - for people to go an learn a little bit more about the site.
	\item A coat hager page - name, one paragraph, who to contact, thin graphic slice, maybe audio clips
	\item Nothing that is copyrighted 
	\item Ask Kamal to go over the personas and scenarios- technically possible
	\item Wireframes - Start on paper, sketches on paper.
	\item Outline the webpage numbers - use the scenarios - the bare minimum of pages
	\item With the sketches do it on Cacoo
	\item For next week need three options of all the Important pages
	\item Remove the PDF articles
	\item Put a link to the original site
	\item Drop Box - get an account
	\item Review everything on the original site

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