CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Nov. 19th, 2010


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  • Management Style: Plan the Party!
  • Meet with Karl and I when there is something to show - programming - MEETING DECEMBER 3rd
  • Work with Natalie to be able to amend the ethics proposal for HuCo - most important to get approval
  • Ethics: Don't need them for the usability of the site, need ethics when report it (working with people and might embarrass them)
  • Document for ethics: Who are the people I'm going to work with, how will those people be recruited and what I'm going to do with them.
    • Recruitment - see what they said in the original ethics.
  • Interact in three ways 1. Questions - background, 2. Observe at a training session, 3. Interviews
  • Need consent form
  • Log how people use the system, build that in to the system. - what language is on the site, how are people warned about the site.
  • 5 pages of text and associated pages
  • Take outline and prepare it on wiki - so once get approval just cut and paste in.
  • Trouble about logging - communicate to karl what we want logged
  • Start talking to Natalie about the workshop (January maybe February)
  • Lit review on Peter's Thesis
    • Make a list from thesis to decide about what I want to skim and eventually make a preceses.
  • New Year: Workshop, Ethics, Research Process, Lit Review, and Papers (first round of results).
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