CIRCA:Meeting Notes, March 4th, 2011


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  • What I have done: three books and one article on literature review, help, manual (rough draft), created project presentation (created and added notes on the presentation), met with Karl - transcriptions and translations, made ethics changes - what to change?
  • Link to Zoterro group to my bibliography - create.
  • Submit Abstract - send to everyone listed as author.
  • Literature review - one juicy quote for each literature
  • Books to skim - "The madness of crowds" (Ghutenburg) and the "Wisdom of crowds"
  • Email Karl about audio clips - bugs.
  • Manual
    • Walkthrough - need scenario when someone comes there rename walkthrough (keep) - call it Tour
  • Walkthrough - scenario and abstract one
    • Link help pages - turn it into walk through - ie) explain why you are doing the tasks
    • Glossary - kill it or add more.
  • Write a paper - no analysis, outline it
    • What is crowdsourcing
    • Challenges
    • Analysis of crowd sourcing interfaces - without ethics, a framework to look at interfaces. Content analysis of interfaces - features and characteristics.
    • Look at what Peter did
    • The scale of the work that you did.
    • Who is the audience
    • How many clicks to get to the work
    • How does it recognize you.
    • How does it motivate, explain
  • Day in Digital Humanities - sign up?
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