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	\item What I have done: three books and one article on literature review, help, manual (rough draft), created project presentation (created and added notes on the presentation), met with Karl - transcriptions and translations, made ethics changes - what to change?
	\item Link to Zoterro group to my bibliography - create.
	\item \textbf{Submit Abstract - send to everyone listed as author.}
	\item Literature review - one juicy quote for each literature
	\item Books to skim - "The madness of crowds" (Ghutenburg) and the "Wisdom of crowds"
	\item Email Karl about audio clips - bugs.
	\item Manual
	\item Walkthrough - need scenario when someone comes there rename walkthrough (keep) - call it Tour
	\item Walkthrough - scenario and abstract one
	\item Link help pages - turn it into walk through - ie) explain why you are doing the tasks
	\item Glossary - kill it or add more.
	\item Write a paper - no analysis, outline it 
	\item What is crowdsourcing
	\item  Challenges
	\item Analysis of crowd sourcing interfaces - without ethics, a framework to look at interfaces. Content analysis of interfaces - features and characteristics.
	\item Look at what Peter did
	\item The scale of the work that you did.
	\item Who is the audience
	\item How many clicks to get to the work
	\item How does it recognize you.
	\item How does it motivate, explain
	\item Day in Digital Humanities - sign up?