CIRCA:Meeting Notes, March 25th, 2011


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  • Book dorm rooms and flight
  • Final line of the opening paragraph in this paper we will do... 1.2.3.
    • The same for the conclusion
    • Introduction to the paper with an itch and threee ways that we are going to scratch it.
    • Crowdsourcing in humanities research
    • Then background and description
    • Design Process that we followed
    • Look at Beware Social Media darkside - read, paragraph, pdf, and send it to Dr. Rockwell
    • Between examine and how does have a way that crowdsourcing is way for humanities to reach the broader comunity.
    • Maryna did it so to download the audio files.
    • Learning about results next year.
    • A team of experts - yes.
    • How accurate is crowdsourcing.
    • Music Theory - sonnata form embedded threes - what are the 3 things you are discussing, describe the 3 themes, and then reasemble the 3 themes. Better to be clunky and get the info out.
  • Email Natalie about credits and conference funds.
  • Email Dr. Rockwell about crowdsourcing analysis, maybe put them into graphs first (distill the information).
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