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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, March 25th, 2011

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	\item Book dorm rooms and flight
	\item Final line of the opening paragraph in this paper we will do... 1.2.3.
	\item The same for the conclusion
	\item Introduction to the paper with an itch and threee ways that we are going to scratch it.
	\item Crowdsourcing in humanities research
	\item Then background and description
	\item Design Process that we followed
	\item Look at Beware Social Media darkside - read, paragraph, pdf, and send it to Dr. Rockwell
	\item Between examine and how does have a way that crowdsourcing is way for humanities to reach the broader comunity.
	\item Maryna did it so to download the audio files.
	\item Learning about results next year.
	\item A team of experts - yes.
	\item How accurate is crowdsourcing.
	\item Music Theory - sonnata form embedded threes - what are the 3 things you are discussing, describe the 3 themes, and then reasemble the 3 themes. Better to be clunky and get the info out.
	\item Email Natalie about credits and conference funds.
	\item Email Dr. Rockwell about crowdsourcing analysis, maybe put them into graphs first (distill the information).

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