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	\item What I did: Added quotes, zotero group link, book and article to lit review. Website Walkthrough, Started crowdsourcing analysis for the paper. Meeting with Natalie, Peter and Maryna - emailed Karl.
	\item Manual language - Go here to do this. Use a scenario but write it as a manual.
	\item I.E. To get an account do this... 
	\item Sign out clips section is fine.
	\item  Outright tell people what to do.
	\item Link to website
	\item Credits page - right wording, SSHRC funded project lead by Dr. Kononenko, Co-Invesotigater Dr. Rockwell, Programmer - Karl Anvik, RA's Megan Sellmer and Maryna
	\item Start Emailing Karl - need to get this done.
	\item Paper: 
	\item Complex of task, who is their audience? - Crowdsourcing analysis.
	\item Spread sheet with results.
	\item The features that make for a good site.
	\item Outlining Paper - Google Docs.
	\item Paper by end of April.
	\item Do powerpoint slides as your write the paper to keep everything organized.