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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Jan. 28th, 2011

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	\item Ethics - give them exactly what they want, under direct headings.
	\item Change crowdsourcing to one word
	\item Help for the website
	\item Flow chart what will happen
	\item emails - Karl, Natalie (make notes about what I have to talk about.
	\item Persona and Scenario refine it
	\item Example of crowdsourcing with link and paragraph.
	\item CCID email for project!!!
	\item Abstract
	\item Get rid of quickly
	\item  An involve the larger community in humnaities
	\item  Suda online as example, put in reference (biblipgraphy)
	\item  This paper will describe the a multimedia example that leverages crowdsourcing.
	\item Make clear we developed a custom site
	\item  Screen dump.
	\item Talk about interface design process.

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