CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Jan. 21st, 2011


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  • Talk to Karl (email him)
    • About the Home page - How does Dr. Kononenko want to edit the page.
    • A wiki page to edit then it posts to the home page?
    • How will Dr. Kononenko or Maryna add or delete pictures
    • On the welcome page you should be able to click on a link titled "Join Us and Help Out" which takes the potential volunteer to a form that they will fill out and will be sent to the project email for Dr. Kononenko and Maryna.
  • Email Dr. Kononenko and Maryna about workshop date, email, website changes.
  • Set up an email for the project - call CCID Admin (
  • Map out in bullet points how to check out the audio (see notes)
  • Ethics (by Monday for Dr. Rockwell)
    • Delete anything about the forum
  • Test the website
  • Abstract
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