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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Jan. 21st, 2011

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	\item Talk to Karl (email him)
	\item About the Home page - How does Dr. Kononenko want to edit the page.
	\item A wiki page to edit then it posts to the home page?
	\item  How will Dr. Kononenko or Maryna add or delete pictures
	\item On the welcome page you should be able to click on a link titled "Join Us and Help Out" which takes the potential volunteer to a form that they will fill out and will be sent to the project email for Dr. Kononenko and Maryna.
	\item Email Dr. Kononenko and Maryna about workshop date, email, website changes.
	\item Set up an email for the project - call CCID Admin (
	\item Map out in bullet points how to check out the audio (see notes)
	\item Ethics (by Monday for Dr. Rockwell)
	\item Delete anything about the forum
	\item Test the website
	\item Abstract

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