CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Jan. 14th, 2011


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  • Talk to Karl to finish version one down by now - email Karl about the problems.
    • 404 errors, Contact us page
    • Admin and user login works.
    • Karl may ask for text - Maryna or Me.
  • See Ashley for wriggle room about her wording for ethics.
  • For consent form, etc. Runs along the other ethics.
  • Email Maryna about the workshop - where?
    • The when depends on when our ethics are completed.
  • For some more crowd sourcing examples - look in Peter's Thesis
    • Joe the Museum (Dr. Rockwell Blogged it, a report on a research project - tagging for museum artefacts)
  • Write a title and one paragraph, maybe three bullet point abstract for SHD/SEMI - Outine for a paper proposal at the end of May.
    • Don't get fancy with the prose
    • Look at Abstracts by Rockwell
    • Background, Software, Demonstration, Results, Next Steps as headers and then flush out the areas. Can use the I word (maybe in bullet points) for the demo section.
    • Screen Shots
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