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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Jan. 14th, 2011

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	\item Talk to Karl to finish version one down by now - email Karl about the problems. 
	\item 404 errors, Contact us page
	\item Admin and user login works.
	\item Karl may ask for text - Maryna or Me.
	\item See Ashley for wriggle room about her wording for ethics.
	\item For consent form, etc. Runs along the other ethics.
	\item Email Maryna about the workshop - where?
	\item The when depends on when our ethics are completed.
	\item For some more crowd sourcing examples - look in Peter's Thesis 
	\item Joe the Museum (Dr. Rockwell Blogged it, a report on a research project - tagging for museum artefacts)
	\item Write a title and one paragraph, maybe three bullet point abstract for SHD/SEMI - Outine for a paper proposal at the end of May.
	\item Don't get fancy with the prose
	\item Look at Abstracts by Rockwell
	\item Background, Software, Demonstration, Results, Next Steps as headers and then flush out the areas. Can use the I word (maybe in bullet points) for the demo section.
	\item Screen Shots

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