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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Feb. 4th, 2011

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% commands generated by html2latex

	\item Do "Help" for website.
	\item Create a flow chart for expectations of this project.
	\item Email Natalie about banner, and preliminary date.
	\item Try to get a preliminary date for workshop.
	\item Reread abstract, edit.
	\item Flush it out - add paragraphs to bullet points
	\item  Dont say add - demonstrate
	\item Describing the interface design process leave it out.
	\item  May not be able to describe results, but the usage of the site currently.
	\item Item 2 and 3 collapsed into one. 
	\item Screen shots into demo.
	\item Get CCID - Vanessa needs to sign Section 2.
	\item Give back to CCID office GSB 301
	\item Read articles and add paragraph preces.
	\item Test the website.

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