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LaTeX code for Meeting Notes, Feb. 11th, 2011

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	\item Ethics
	\item Second questionnaire for interviews
	\item Take notes for interviews, record selected quotes.
	\item Done over the phone or by email
	\item Edit informed consent with what they want and send that to Natalie and Dr. Rockwell
	\item Once done changes and uploaded them Dr. Rockwell will send an answer back.
	\item Letter of initial contact, draw one up and send it to Dr. Rockwell and Natalie.
	\item Names by default - anonymous only when asked. This is something that Dr. Rockwell may not 
	\item What we're publishing about crowdsourcing, and any comments will not be direst quotations that can be contributed to someone directly.
	\item Because they are questions about what they experiences in using the website, our interest is in motivation and crowdsourcing.
	\item Contributions (transcriptions/translations) kept forever, talk to Karl about logging - turn it off after the interviews. 
	\item When will Natalie be able to edit - push to finish software. 
	\item When will the text on the front page be working.
	\item Talk about what is going wrong... Test
	\item Send bug reports.
	\item When will this be done.
	\item Suggest the date the 12th of March.
	\item Set a meeting with Karl to go over the interface.
	\item Paragraphs summarizing the articles I read - put them up on the wiki

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