CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Dec. 3rd, 2010


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  • Ask Maryna about downloading - if she downloads the audio will she use a word processor and then cut and paste the work into the provided text boxes.
  • Fill out the ethics application (don't submit it!!!!)
    • Plan recruitment - email Maryna, in order to do ethics I have to fill it out, - quote Natalie's ethics
    • We need consent to gather data
    • Look through all the ethics and then find out where to put things
    • Discussion Forum - made for us by University - stadard email discussion list - can set it up so secure, and the only people with access
    • Discussion Forum part of the website, more programming - make that secure. Ask for a graphic design that she wants to indicate secureity.
    • Could have click on forum and launch email.
  • Personas and Scenarios 1 and 2 - need to move to the assumption she is doing this not connect to the internet, and is on a word processor
    • Scenario 3 - can't submit audio on interface (her ethics don't cover uploading audio from the participants) - we could put this into our ethics
    • Nadia - how did she connect with Natalie, doesn't download the audio (uses it online), doesn't need to open the file
  • Lit review - motivation, crowd sourcing generally, DHQ -Suda Online (academic crowd sourcing)
  • Send a note to Dr. Rockwell - article about crows sourcing,
  • As I go through the books add academic crowd sourcing (scientific, Humanities, etc.)
  • Gamifying tasks - get people to work harder by turning it into a game.
    • Books: Wikipedia article on gamification look at the bibliography/references, "Games at Work: How games and virtual worlds are changing the way business' compete"
    • Subset - skim, write a precese, at January a lit review the present at meeting, then scan PDF and put together a library.
  • Talk to Harvey about getting the pictures visible to non-logged in users
  • Meeting 2:00 Monday 13th next meeting
  • Logging - get rid of ability to edit
    • Can upload something but not put on the main page (not published on main audio page)
    • Check with Maryna - understand that they chopped up the audio so no audio scrubbing area.
    • email about form - what would they like?
    • Just one discussion because not a lot of people
    • wireframes - overlap
    • wireframes need to be changed - because no scrubbing
    • Both options to download audio
    • within a week - something to look at.
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