CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Dec. 13th, 2010


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  • Add a paragraph to top of wiki page about Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project.
  • Access now to ethics form as study coordinator.
    • Work on the ethics - fill it out
  • Karl was supposed to have something for us Friday - didn't happen, Dr. Rockwell sent him an email.
  • January - workshop what are we doing
  • Literature Review
    • 3 phases - grab stuff and look at titles, the potential useful stuff- full bibliographic list and skim, Write a preces and scan pdf
    • Multiple rounds of these steps
    • "The Wealth of Networks"- peer production and... - Part II not as useful = SKIM what is relevant
    • Hoping for historical Chapter in Wealth -Oxford English Dictions correspondence production of entries, has early use of words (use correspondents to look up the history of the words, ie) did Shakespeare say fun - people would write back about these kinds of examples.
    • "Professor and the Madman" and "The meaning of everything" by Simon Winchester (sign out 2nd book - Chapter 3) get from library PE 1617 O94 W558 2004
  • Remember the milk - online to do list and task management (just an interesting site - nothing really to do UFAP)
  • Use a tagging schema for feed back that I get in XML and do content
  • Zoterro group for full bibliography and share with Dr. R. and put on wiki preces
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