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\subsection{Website Manual}

The Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project is a crowdsourcing example focused on transcribing or translating Ukrainian audio recordings. Led by Dr. Natalie Kononenko, this endeavor focuses on the ethnic impact of the recordings on the participants and the emotions that these audio clips inspire. The website created for this project allows participants the convenience of working online or the option to download the audio and work off your computer. We provided this site to facilitate the transcription or translation of Ukrainian songs, narratives, or beliefs. 
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Website_Walkthrough}{Website Walkthrough}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Tour}{Tour}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Help}{Help}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Common_Questions}{Common Questions}

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