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The following is a list of tools and services that can be used for managing projects. I don't necessarily endorse these.


Basic Tools

There are a number of basic tools that can be used in project management. See Basic Digital Humanities Technologies for a more full list.

  • Blogs can be used to provide news about a project or even as the interface to the project.
  • Wikis can be used for documentation and shared documents.
  • Email can be used (sparingly) for communication.
  • Zotero can be used to manage a shared bibliography.

Project Management Tools

  • Basecamp
  • iTeamwork is a basic project management tool on the web. It is a good clean and free tool for teams to manage tasks.

Feedback and Survey Tools

  • Get Satisfaction is a service for managing customer feedback and conversations.
  • Survey Monkey is a free online tool for running questionnaires or surveys. Widely used.

Diagramming, Wireframing, and Graphics Tools

  • Cacoo is an online diagramming tool. It can be used for creating wireframes or flow diagrams. The first couple of diagrams are free.

Communication Tools

  • Mail Chimp is an email list tool that you can use to send out newsletters and other communications. It is free and has lots of features, but this means it can take a while to figure out.
  • Skype
  • Elluminate

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