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The following is a list of tools and services that can be used for managing projects. I don't necessarily endorse these.

	\item \hyperlink{Basic_Tools}{1Basic Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Publication_Tools}{2Publication Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Project_Management_Tools}{3Project Management Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Feedback_and_Survey_Tools}{4Feedback and Survey Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Diagramming.2C_Wireframing.2C_and_Graphics_Tools}{5Diagramming, Wireframing, and Graphics Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Communication_Tools}{6Communication Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Other_Tools}{7Other Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Other_Lists_of_Tools}{8Other Lists of Tools}

\subsubsection{ Basic Tools }

There are a number of basic tools that can be used in project management. See \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Basic_Digital_Humanities_Technologies}{ Basic Digital Humanities Technologies} for a more full list.
	\item  Blogs can be used to provide news about a project or even as the interface to the project.
	\item  Wikis can be used for documentation and shared documents.
	\item  Email can be used (sparingly) for communication.
	\item  Zotero can be used to manage a shared bibliography.

\subsubsection{ Publication Tools }

There are a number of tools you can use for the project itself (rather than for managing the project.)
	\item \href{}{} SelectedWorks] is a simple service that allows you to announce and distribute your academic work.

\subsubsection{ Project Management Tools }
	\item  Basecamp
	\item \href{}{iTeamwork} is a basic project management tool on the web. It is a good clean and free tool for teams to manage tasks.
	\item  Microsoft Project

\subsubsection{ Feedback and Survey Tools }
	\item \href{}{Get Satisfaction} is a service for managing customer feedback and conversations.
	\item \href{}{Survey Monkey} is a free online tool for running questionnaires or surveys. Widely used.

\subsubsection{ Diagramming, Wireframing, and Graphics Tools }
	\item \href{}{Cacoo} is an online diagramming tool. It can be used for creating wireframes or flow diagrams. The first couple of diagrams are free.

\subsubsection{ Communication Tools }
	\item \href{}{Doodle} is an online scheduling tool for finding times for meeting.
	\item \href{}{Mail Chimp} is an email list tool that you can use to send out newsletters and other communications. It is free and has lots of features, but this means it can take a while to figure out.
	\item  Skype \href{}{} is good for conferencing
	\item  Google+ \href{}{} is a social network site with good conferencing
	\item \href{}{Etherpad} is a live shared editing tool
	\item \href{!/?id=418}{Elluminate} is an instructional conferencing tool.

\subsection{ Other Tools }

There are all sorts of tools for specific tasks from graphics to audio tools. See \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Advanced_Tools}{ Advanced Tools} for a fuller list. Here are some of use to most projects.
	\item \href{}{All Our Ideas} is an online service for groups to gather and prioritize ideas.
	\item  Photoshop
	\item  Dreamweaver

\subsection{ Other Lists of Tools }
	\item \href{}{Development Impact \& You} is a site with tools for social innovation. Most tools are things like SWOT or Personas. For each tool they have nicely designed paper supports and instructions.


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