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Relevant Links

This page is for links relevant to the project.

Writing Games and Contests

  • | 750 Words is a site which gives you points if your write 3 pages (750 words) a day.
  • Frankenstory is a simple game where you write a passage and then email it to a friend who writes the next passage to create a very short story. It is designed for kids and includes an interesting "Stuck for ideas?" prompt that seems to generate ideas with a simple random algorithm.
  • 3-Day Novel Contest has been running since 1977 and is run out of Vancouver.
  • 3-Day Novel in Edmonton is a story of a Canadian writer Don Britt who wrote a 3-Day novel in a Chapters in Edmonton.

Writing Applications

  • Write or Die is an iPad App, desktop app and web site where you have type or there are consequences like popups, loud sounds and even the deletion of what you did write!

Gamification Sites

  • Chore Wars is a site for turning chores into games.
  • +1 me (Plusoneme) is a site where you can award someone a point for some ability.

Other Gaming Sites

  • New Games is a site for cooperative physical "new games".
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