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This page is for external links relevant to \textbf{The Writing Game} project. 

	\item \hyperlink{Writing_Games_and_Contests}{1Writing Games and Contests}
	\item \hyperlink{Writing_Applications}{2Writing Applications}
	\item \hyperlink{Gamification_Sites}{3Gamification Sites}
	\item \hyperlink{Other_Gaming_Sites}{4Other Gaming Sites}

\subsection{ Writing Games and Contests }
	\item \href{}{750 Words} is a site which gives you points if your write 3 pages (750 words) a day.
	\item \href{}{Frankenstory} is a simple game where you write a passage and then email it to a friend who writes the next passage to create a very short story. It is designed for kids and includes an interesting "Stuck for ideas?" prompt that seems to generate ideas with a simple random algorithm.
	\item \href{}{3-Day Novel Contest} has been running since 1977 and is run out of Vancouver. 
	\item \href{}{3-Day Novel in Edmonton} is a story of a Canadian writer Don Britt who wrote a 3-Day novel in a Chapters in Edmonton.

\subsection{ Writing Applications }
	\item \href{}{Write or Die} is an iPad App, desktop app and web site where you have type or there are consequences like popups, loud sounds and even the deletion of what you did write! 
	\item \href{}{Wikispaces Classroom} is a wiki for courses. It has commenting features.
	\item \href{}{eCampusAlberta eTutor} is an online tutoring system.
	\item \href{}{Eli Review} "facilitates the essential write, review, revise process necessary to improve student outcomes."
	\item \href{}{My Reviewers} helps people give reviews on writing.
	\item \href{}{peerScholar} is a tool for students to comment and mark each other works. See the \href{}{Globe and Mail article}.

\subsection{ Gamification Sites }
	\item \href{}{Chore Wars} is a site for turning chores into games.
	\item \href{}{+1 me (Plusoneme)} is a site where you can award someone a point for some ability.
	\item \href{}{LinkedIn Gamification Group} is a open group for discussing gamification.
	\item \href{}{Prezi on Gamification} by Philip Vinogradov. Describes the gamification of a science class.

\subsection{ Other Gaming Sites }
	\item \href{}{New Games} is a site for cooperative physical "new games".

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