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Generally speaking there are four ways to learn about the digital humanities:

  • Read about it off the web, in magazines and in books
  • Apprentice on a project and learn on the job
  • Take courses
  • Attend conferences

Given that you will read about it (that's why you are wandering around this wiki), what is the most efficient way to get up to speed? I would strongly recommend the following:

  • Go to a conference. Ideally you should go to the annual Digital Humanities conference put on by ADHO. See
  • If you can't afford DH, then you might go to a regional conference like SDH-SEMI in Canada. See
  • Training institutes can be an excellent way to learn particular skills while also meeting others. The best is DHSI at the University of Victoria.
  • Subscribe to Humanist so you familiarize yourself with the community.
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