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LaTeX code for Learning Digital Humanities

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Generally speaking there are four ways to learn about the digital humanities:
	\item  Read about it off the web, in magazines and in books
	\item  Apprentice on a project and learn on the job
	\item  Take courses
	\item  Attend conferences

\\Given that you will read about it (that's why you are wandering around this wiki), what is the most efficient way to get up to speed? I would strongly recommend the following:
	\item  Go to a conference. Ideally you should go to the annual Digital Humanities conference put on by ADHO. See \href{}{}
	\item  If you can't afford DH, then you might go to a regional conference like SDH-SEMI in Canada. See \href{}{}
	\item  Training institutes can be an excellent way to learn particular skills while also meeting others. The best is DHSI at the University of Victoria. 
	\item  Subscribe to Humanist so you familiarize yourself with the community.

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