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  • Mary-Jo Romaniuk (Chief Librarian)
  • Geoffrey Rockwell (Humanities Computing and Philosophy)
  • Lois Harder (Associate Dean of Research)
  • Paul Hjartarson (English and Film Studies)
  • Andrea Hasenbank (English and Film Studies)
  • Harvey Quamen (Humanities Computing and Film Studies)
  • Leah Vanderjagt (University of Alberta Libraries)
  • Geoff Harder (University of Alberta Libraries)
  • Chris Want (Academic Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Andriko Lozowy (Sociology - Intermedia Research Studio)
  • Gary Kelly (English and Film Studies)
  • David Buchanan (Comparative Literature)
  • Mark Madsen (Commercial Sector)
  • Benjamin V. Tucker (Linguistics)
  • David Descheneau (folkwaysAlive)
  • Pierre Boulanger (Computer Science)
  • Peter Baskerville (History and Classics/Humanities Computing)
  • Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science)
  • Keavy Martin (English and Film Studies)
  • Karl Anvik (Arts Resource Centre)
  • Andrzej Weber (Anthropology)
  • Scott Smallwood
  • Sean Gouglas
  • Maureen Engle (Humanities Computing and English and Film Studies)
  • Susan Brown (English and Film Studies)
  • Pat Demers (English and Film Studies)
  • Andriy Nahachewsky (Ukranian Folklore Centre)
  • Paul Lu (West Grid)
  • Helen Valliantos (Anthropology)
  • Frank Tufte (Native Studies)
  • Janine Brody (Political Science)
  • George Pavlich (Law criminal trials of cape colony)
  • Linda Trimbal (Political Science - Newspaper Analysis)
  • Andi Palmer (Anthropology)
  • Sarah Carter
  • Cezary Gajewski (Art and Design)
  • Jeff Rawlings (ARC)
  • Chris Anderson (Native Studies)
  • Gillian Stevens (Population Research Lab)

Experts to talk:

  • Keri Calvert (Research Services in Arts)
  • Leah Vanderjagt (ERA)
  • Jeff Rawlings and/or Karl Anvik
  • Lois Harder
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