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\subsubsection{ Invitees}
	\item  Mary-Jo Romaniuk (Chief Librarian)
	\item  Geoffrey Rockwell (Humanities Computing and Philosophy)
	\item  Lois Harder (Associate Dean of Research)
	\item  Paul Hjartarson (English and Film Studies)
	\item  Andrea Hasenbank (English and Film Studies)
	\item  Harvey Quamen (Humanities Computing and Film Studies)
	\item  Leah Vanderjagt (University of Alberta Libraries)
	\item  Geoff Harder (University of Alberta Libraries)
	\item  Chris Want (Academic Information and Communication Technologies)
	\item  Andriko Lozowy (Sociology - Intermedia Research Studio)
	\item  Gary Kelly (English and Film Studies)
	\item  David Buchanan (Comparative Literature)
	\item  Mark Madsen (Commercial Sector)
	\item  Benjamin V. Tucker (Linguistics)
	\item  David Descheneau (folkwaysAlive)
	\item  Pierre Boulanger (Computer Science)
	\item  Peter Baskerville (History and Classics/Humanities Computing)
	\item  Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science)
	\item  Keavy Martin (English and Film Studies)
	\item  Karl Anvik (Arts Resource Centre)
	\item  Andrzej Weber (Anthropology)
	\item  Scott Smallwood
	\item  Sean Gouglas
	\item  Maureen Engle (Humanities Computing and English and Film Studies)
	\item  Susan Brown (English and Film Studies)
	\item  Pat Demers (English and Film Studies)
	\item  Andriy Nahachewsky (Ukranian Folklore Centre)
	\item  Paul Lu (West Grid)
	\item  Helen Valliantos (Anthropology)
	\item  Frank Tufte (Native Studies)
	\item  Janine Brody (Political Science)
	\item  George Pavlich (Law criminal trials of cape colony)
	\item  Linda Trimbal (Political Science - Newspaper Analysis)
	\item  Andi Palmer (Anthropology)
	\item  Sarah Carter
	\item  Cezary Gajewski (Art and Design)
	\item  Jeff Rawlings (ARC)
	\item  Chris Anderson (Native Studies)
	\item  Gillian Stevens (Population Research Lab)

\subsubsection{Experts to talk:}
	\item  Keri Calvert (Research Services in Arts)
	\item  Leah Vanderjagt (ERA)
	\item  Jeff Rawlings and/or Karl Anvik
	\item  Lois Harder

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