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Interview Protocol

The outline of the interview will follow a thematic rubric including the following sections:

Education and Discipline

  • I would like to hear about the early years of your University education. What was the first field you entered?
  • What drew you into this area of study?
  • Can you recall a specific course that left an impression on you?
  • What led you into higher level studies?

Early Involvement in Digital Projects

  • Can you describe the first time you used a computer in an academic setting?
  • Did the computer seem a logical addition to the project or was it championed by a specific person?
  • Can you recall anyone resistant to the use of the computer?

Interest in Computing

  • Do you recall your first experience with a computer?
  • How did you feel about computers, for example were you comfortable with them?

First Major Research Project

  • Describe your first major research project using the computer
  • What role did you play in this project?

Technical Background

  • Throughout your career was there technology that you needed to learn?
  • Did you need to hire an expert at any point?
  • Can you recall what programming languages you or your projects were associated with?

Educating the Greater Community

  • Were you responsible for the creation of any courses related to your work? Workshops?
  • Did you design or develop any programmes to assist colleagues in their research?
  • Did you train ant graduate students?

Support Structure

  • Did you work within a particular centre or office that supported your research? At what point in your career?
  • Did this structure have a specific mission or vision for its existence?
  • Can you sketch the administrative structure or floorplan of this place?
  • Where did funding come from?
  • What would you consider your greatest challenge for funding support?
  • From where did you receive your greatest funding support?

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