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Interview Protocol

The outline of the interview will follow a thematic rubric including the following sections:

  • Education and Discipline

I would like to hear about the early years of your University education. What was the first field you entered? What drew you into this area of study? Can you recall a specific course that left an impression on you? What led you into higher level studies?

  • Early Involvement in Digital Projects

Can you describe the first time you used a computer in an academic setting? Did the computer seem a logical addition to the project or was it championed by a specific person? Can you recall anyone resistant to the use of the computer?

  • Interest in Computing

Do you recall your first experience with a computer? How did you feel about computers, for example were you comfortable with them?

  • First Major Research Project

Describe your first major research project using the computer What role did you play in this project?

  • Technical Background

Throughout your career was there technology that you needed to learn? Did you need to hire an expert at any point? Can you recall what programming languages you or your projects were associated with?

  • Educating the Greater Community

Were you responsible for the creation of any courses related to your work? Workshops? Did you design or develop any programmes to assist colleagues in their research? Did you train ant graduate students?

  • Support Structure

Did you work within a particular centre or office that supported your research? At what point in your career? Did this structure have a specific mission or vision for its existence? Can you sketch the administrative structure or floorplan of this place? Where did funding come from? What would you consider your greatest challenge for funding support? From where did you receive your greatest funding support?

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