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	\item \hyperlink{Interview_Protocol}{1Interview Protocol}
	\item \hyperlink{Consent}{1.1Consent}
	\item \hyperlink{Education_and_Discipline}{1.2Education and Discipline}
	\item \hyperlink{Early_Involvement_in_Digital_Projects}{1.3Early Involvement in Digital Projects}
	\item \hyperlink{First_Major_Research_Project}{1.4First Major Research Project}
	\item \hyperlink{Technical_Background}{1.5Technical Background}
	\item \hyperlink{Educating_the_Greater_Community}{1.6Educating the Greater Community}
	\item \hyperlink{Support_Structure}{1.7Support Structure}
	\item \hyperlink{The_Future_of_Digital_Humanities}{1.8The Future of Digital Humanities}
	\item \hyperlink{Further_Help}{1.9Further Help}
	\item \hyperlink{UCL_Questions}{2UCL Questions}

\section{Interview Protocol}

\textit{The outline of the interview will follow a thematic rubric including the following sections:}\hypertarget{Consent}{}

	\item \textit{Get verbal consent: read Oral History Consent Form aloud to participant and confirm that s/he consents to participate.}

\subsection{Education and Discipline}
	\item \textit{I would like to hear about the early years of your University education. What was your major? What did you study in graduate school}
	\item \textit{When and how did you start learning about computing? What drew you into humanities computing?}
	\item \textit{Did you study computing? Can you recall any interesting courses?}

\subsection{Early Involvement in Digital Projects}
	\item \textit{Can you describe the first time you used a computer for an academic project?}
	\item \textit{Where there other people using computing in the humanities at your university? Was there a community of computing humanists?}
	\item \textit{Can you recall any resistance to the use of the computer?}
	\item \textit{Was there any support for humanities computing? Was there a centre of some sort?}

\subsection{First Major Research Project}
	\item \textit{Describe your first major research project using the computer}
	\item \textit{What role did you play in this project? Who else was on that project and what were their roles?}

\subsection{Technical Background}
	\item \textit{What technologies did you learn over your career? What would you consider yourself an expert at?}
	\item \textit{Have you worked with or hired other people for their technology skills?}
	\item \textit{Can you recall what programming languages you or your projects used?}

\subsection{Educating the Greater Community}
	\item \textit{Were you responsible for the creation of any humanities computing courses? Workshops?}
	\item \textit{Did you design, develop, or play a part in any undergraduate or graduate programmes?}
	\item \textit{Did you train any graduate students?}

\subsection{Support Structure}
	\item \textit{Did you work within a particular centre or office that supported your research? At what point in your career?}
	\item \textit{Did this structure have a specific mission or vision for its existence?}
	\item \textit{Can you sketch the administrative structure or floorplan of this place?}
	\item \textit{Where did funding come from?}
	\item \textit{What would you consider your greatest challenge for funding support?}
	\item \textit{From where did you receive your greatest funding support?}

\subsection{The Future of Digital Humanities}
	\item \textit{What do you think are the major challenges and opportunities facing the digital humanities?}
	\item \textit{How should the digital humanities be integrated into the university?}
	\item \textit{What do you think is in the future?}

\subsection{Further Help}
	\item \textit{Do you have any documents that you could share with us about projects/centers/courses you were involved with? Do you have grant applications, mission statements, pamphlets or other types of documents? Can we scan these and make them public?}
	\item \textit{Who else should we interview? Who else is important for understanding humanities computing?}

\section{UCL Questions}
	\item  How you first got involved in what we know this is called digital humanities?who are the people and what are the things that you feel really influenced you?
	\item  How do you think like thinking outside of academia how did other people view computers and how they were being used?
	\item  What was your first engagement with the conference community as we would see it now and how did that come about?
	\item  So in terms of meeting other people, you remember your first encounters of that kind?
	\item  Did you see the Digital Humanities as a new field?How were the impressions of Digital Humanities by scholars?

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