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This is the tidy and bare-bones version of the initial questions framework from the 2012-13 GRAND Assessment Framework . The framework starts with the assumption that the group research project involves practical game design, and continues by attempting to ask the most significant over-arching questions.

Recommended methods can be found on the Assessment Tools section.

Stakeholders and Expectations

  • What's the point of the project?
  • Who are the interested parties in this project?
  • What does each stakeholder get out of the project?
  • How will you prioritize the needs of stakeholders?


  • What is the primary purpose of the project?
  • What evidence would indicate success? How will you know it is over?
  • How will interested parties discuss the project as it evolves?
  • Is there a project charter agreed among stakeholders that makes clear what is expected of everyone?


  • What resources are required to do the project?
  • How will you get the required resources?
  • How will you account to stakeholders for the resources they have provided?
  • How will you deal with the loss of resources?


  • Is there a project plan? Does it include the level of detail needed?
  • Is there a method for tracking progress regularly?
  • How will the plan be adapted if you fall behind or lose resources?


  • What design process will work best for this project?
  • How can you assess the design process?
  • Which resources are needed to develop the game?
  • Does the game meet your goals? Are there unexpected problems?
  • Are there ways to improve the game or the platform based on the results of this attempt?

Recommended Methods: Usability testing, play-testing, developmental evaluation, and standardized criteria.


  • How will you deliver the product to your audience?
  • How will they become aware of your project?
  • How will you train the audience to understand and play the game?


  • What feedback do you and your stakeholders want and from who?
  • How does the game work for players? What is their experience?
  • How will reports from the players or other stakeholders be handled?
  • Can we provide feedback to encourage player engagement with the game?
  • How can feedback influence further design?


  • What will the end-state of the project look like?
  • Does the game meet its goals? How do you know that?
  • How will you know if stakeholders are satisfied?
  • Have you communicated to all interested parties that the project is over?
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