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Intro -hi, notice that this list deals only with things you can know/anticipate at the beginning of a project, I've been finding it challenging not to mix questions from later phases of the project together with the ones a team needs to deal with right away. Maybe an equivalent list can be made for mid and post-project assessments(simeon)

This is the tidy and bare-bones version of the initial questions framework from the 2012-13 GRAND Assessment Framework . The framework starts with the assumption that the group research project involves practical game design, and continues by attempting to ask the most significant over-arching questions.

This is a tentative bare bones framework. There are suggestions or things people wish to edit out or add, feel free to do so. The aim is to have each section down to around 2-4 questions. The current abbreviation for the main part of the framework is AEREF but it may be broken down into other sections-DG


  • Who are the current or potential stakeholders in this project?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • How will you rank or sort stakeholders?


  • What is the primary purpose of the project?
  • What milestones or checkpoints should be reached for this project to be a minimal success?
  • What will each stakeholder group get out of this project?
  • To what extent is the project contract to be formalized or kept informal?


  • Is there a detailed project plan including time, tasks, capital, and staff available to the project?
  • Is there a buffer to account for potential changes?
    • How will assets get prioritized for further investment/loss-cutting?
  • Is there a method for tracking progress regularly to ensure meeting deadlines?
  • Which technology or development tools are suitable to the project?


  • How quickly can the targeted audience understand and play the game?
  • Can a demo be created and tried first?
  • What does and doesn't work for the game?
  • How will we conclude this project (what will the end-state look like?)


  • What feedback are we testing for?
  • How will reports from the players or other stakeholders be handled?
  • Can we provide feedback to encourage the player engagement with the game?
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