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Intro -hi, notice that this list deals only with things you can know/anticipate at the beginning of a project, I've been finding it challenging not to mix questions from later phases of the project together with the ones a team needs to deal with right away. Maybe an equivalent list can be made for mid and post-project assessments(simeon)

This is the tidy and bare-bones version of the initial questions framework from the 2012-13 GRAND Assessment Framework . The framework starts with the assumption that the group research project involves practical game design, and continues by attempting to ask the most significant over-arching questions.

This is a tentative bare bones framework. There are suggestions or things people wish to edit out or add, feel free to do so. The aim is to have each section down to around 2-4 questions. The current abbreviation for the main part of the framework is AEREF but it may be broken down into other sections-DG


  • Who are the interested parties in this project?
  • What does each stakeholder get out of the project?
  • How will you prioritize stakeholders and audience?


  • What is the primary purpose of the project?
  • What evidence would indicate success? How will you know it is over?
  • How will interested parties discuss the project as it evolves?
  • Is there a project charter agreed among stakeholders that makes clear what is expected of everyone?


  • What resources are required to do the project?
  • How will you get the required resources?
  • How will you account to stakeholders for the resources they have provided?
  • How will you deal with the loss of resources?


  • Is there a project plan? Does it include the level of detail needed?
  • Is there a method for tracking progress regularly?
  • How will the plan be adapted if you fall behind or lose resources?


  • Which technologies or development tools are needed?
  • Can a demo be created and tried first?
  • If the game meet your goals, what are the problems (technical, conceptual, etc.)?
  • Are there ways to improve the game or the platform based on the results of this attempt?


  • How will you deliver the product to your audience?
  • How will they become aware of your project?
  • How will you train the audience to understand and play the game?


  • What feedback do you and your stakeholders want?
  • How will reports from the players or other stakeholders be handled?
  • Can we provide feedback to encourage player engagement with the game?


  • What will the end-state of the project look like?
  • Have you met your minimal observable evidence for success?
  • How will you know if stakeholders are satisfied?
  • Have you communicated to all interested parties that the project is over?
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