Initial questions to ask when starting group research projects with a practical game design component -


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This is the tidy and bare-bones version of the initial questions framework from the 2012-13 GRAND Assessment Framework . The framework starts with the assumption that the group research project involves practical game design, and continues by asking the most significant over-arching questions.


  • Who are the stakeholders for this project?
    • ethical
    • financial
    • personal


  • What are the minimum conditions for this project to be considered practical, ethical, and academic research from the perspective of external sponsoring stakeholders?
    • What needs to be documented?
    • What ethical standards guide the project?
    • What needs to be practically implemented?(e.g. does game design research imply building complete, original digital games from the ground up?)
    • What practices need to be followed?What deadlines need to be met?
    • Who can be expected to contribute to the project?
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