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This page is for specifying what will happen in the key coding mechanic page. This is the page where users input information about the interactions occurring. It should consist of the following elements:

  1. Data Presentation
    1. The text block
  2. Input Features
    1. interaction (two empty boxes: character1, character2)
    2. setting (2 radio buttons (no default): indoors/outdoors)
    3. type (2 radio buttons (no default): physical/mental)
  3. Navigation Features
    1. Quick Guide (2a)
    2. Tutorial (2)
    3. Not enough information (produces previous sequential text block)
    4. Comment (go to forum) (5)
    5. Show me the network (go to network viz) (6)
    6. Submit (go to iteration page) (7)

The features that we will be experimenting with are:

  • the text block length
    • we do not yet know the optimum length for most information/least amount of work. Default is 250 words.
  • the input windows
    • one idea we have is to have all the text clickable, so that a user only needs to click on a word to have it inputted as character 1 and then the same for character 2. Typing words introduces a lot of error. However, we would still need entry boxes in case the names are not useful (e.g., he said to her) and the user needs to read further to find out who those characters are (see “needs more information”).
    • The “setting” and “type” can be radio buttons with no default setting. Users must actively input something. These will be described in the tutorial and the quick guide.
  • “needs more information”
    • one of the problems is that an interaction is occurring but you can’t tell who the people are because pronouns are used. This feature allows you to read previous segments to learn who the characters are. These should popup separately, thus leaving the user on the coding page. The user will then have to manually input the names alongside the clicked text.
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