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LaTeX code for Higher Education Courses and Curricula

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	\item \hyperlink{Course_only_in_Degree_programs}{1Course only in Degree programs}
	\item \hyperlink{Alberta}{1.1Alberta}
	\item \hyperlink{British_Columbia}{1.2British Columbia}
	\item \hyperlink{Manitoba}{1.3Manitoba}
	\item \hyperlink{Ontario}{1.4Ontario}
	\item \hyperlink{Qu.C3.A9bec}{1.5Qu??bec}
	\item \hyperlink{Saskatchewan}{1.6Saskatchewan}
	\item \hyperlink{Degree_program_with_Specialisation_in_Video_Games}{2Degree program with Specialisation in Video Games}
	\item \hyperlink{Alberta_2}{2.1Alberta}
	\item \hyperlink{British_Columbia_2}{2.2British Columbia}
	\item \hyperlink{Maritimes}{2.3Maritimes}
	\item \hyperlink{Ontario_2}{2.4Ontario}
	\item \hyperlink{Quebec}{2.5Quebec}
	\item \hyperlink{Video_Game_Diploma_Programs}{3Video Game Diploma Programs}
	\item \hyperlink{Alberta_3}{3.1Alberta}
	\item \hyperlink{Ontario_3}{3.2Ontario}
	\item \hyperlink{Qu.C3.A9bec_2}{3.3Qu??bec}
	\item \hyperlink{Saskatchewan_2}{3.4Saskatchewan}
	\item \hyperlink{Video_Games_Certificate_Program}{4Video Games Certificate Program}
	\item \hyperlink{British_Colombia}{4.1British Colombia}
	\item \hyperlink{Manitoba_2}{4.2Manitoba}
	\item \hyperlink{Ontario_4}{4.3Ontario}

\subsection{Course only in Degree programs}

These schools have no video game credential or specialized program but do offer at least one course relating to video games on either a technical, design, or theory level.  \hypertarget{Alberta}{}

	\item \href{}{Grand Prairie Regional College} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{Grant MacEwan} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{Keyano College} (Computer Information Systems)
	\item \href{}{King???s University College} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of Alberta}(Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of Alberta}(Humanities Computing)
	\item \href{}{University of Calgary} (Education)
	\item \href{}{University of Calgary}(Fine Arts)
	\item \href{}{University of Lethbridge} (Computer Information Technology)

\paragraph{British Columbia}
	\item \href{}{Capilano University} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of British Columbia} (Social Media Certificate)
	\item \href{}{Vancouver Island University} (Digital Media)

	\item \href{}{University of Brandon} (Mathematics and Computer Science) 

	\item \href{}{Nipissing University} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{Trent University} (Computing and Information Systems)
	\item \href{}{University of Guelph} (Bachelor of Computing)
	\item \href{}{University of Toronto} (Communication Culture and Information Technology)
	\item \href{}{University of Toronto} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of Western Ontario} ( Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of Western Ontario}(Media, Information, and Technoculture)
	\item \href{}{University of Windsor} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{York University} (Education)

	\item \href{}{Universit?? du Qu??bec en Outaouais} (Computer Engineering) 

	\item \href{}{University of Regina} (Computer Science)
	\item \href{}{University of Saskatchewan} (Computer Science)

\subsection{Degree program with Specialisation in Video Games}\hypertarget{Alberta_2}{}

	\item \href{}{Nait} (Game Development Certificate)
	\item \href{}{University of Calgary} (Computer Science - specialisation in Computer Game Design or Computer Graphics)

\subsubsection{British Columbia}
	\item \href{}{British Columbia Institute of Technology} (Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems with Video Game Component)
	\item \href{}{Fairleigh Dickinson University} (Bachelor of Film and Animation with Video Game Animation Major)
	\item \href{}{Great Northern Way} (Masters in Digital Media)
	\item \href{}{Simon Fraser University} (Degree in Interactive Arts and Technology)

	\item \href{}{Acadia University} (Bachelor in Computing Science, Specialisation in Game Development)
	\item \href{}{Prince Edward Island University} (Bachelor in Computing Science with Video game specialisation)

	\item \href{}{Algoma University} (Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Games Technology specialisation)
	\item \href{}{Brock University} (Bachelor in Interactive Arts and Science)
	\item \href{}{Carleton University} (Bachelor of Information Technology)
	\item \href{}{Carleton University} (Bachelor of Science with Computer Game Development Stream)
	\item \href{}{McMaster} (Bachelor of Engineering in Game Design)
	\item \href{}{University of Ontario} (Faculty of Business and Information Technology ??? Game development and Entrepreneurship Specialisation)
	\item \href{}{University of Western Ontario} (Minor in Game Development within the department of Computer Science)

	\item \href{}{Centre NAD} (3D animation and Digital Design)
	\item \href{}{Concordia} (Computer Science and Engineering with video game specific courses)
	\item \href{}{McGill University} (Centre for Intelligent Machines - Combination of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering)
	\item \href{}{Universit?? Laval} (Bachelor in Software Engineering with Video Game Stream)

\subsection{Video Game Diploma Programs}\hypertarget{Alberta_3}{}

	\item \href{}{Alberta College Art and Design} (Media Arts and Digital Technology Program)
	\item \href{}{Pixel Blue} (3D Game Modeling Program)
	\item \href{}{Guru Digital Arts} (Interaction Design and Game Development)

	\item \href{}{Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology}
	\item \href{}{Centennial College} (Advanced Diploma in Interactive Game Software Development ??? *School of Engineering and Applied Science)
	\item \href{}{College of the North Atlantic} (Diploma in Video Game Design)
	\item \href{}{George Brown College} (Diploma in Game Programming)
	\item \href{}{Humber College} (Diploma in School of Media Studies and IT: Game Programming)
	\item \href{}{Seneca College} (Diploma in Animation)

	\item \href{}{Universit?? de Montr??al} (Diploma of Higher Specialised Studies in Game Design)

	\item \href{}{New Media Campus} (3D Animation and Game Design Online Diploma)

\subsection{Video Games Certificate Program}\hypertarget{British_Colombia}{}

\subsubsection{British Colombia}
	\item \href{}{University of Frasier Valley} (Certificate in Media Literacy - Rules of Play: Video Game Culture)

	\item \href{}{University of Winnipeg} (Serious Gaming certificate program)

	\item \href{}{Centre for Arts \& Technology} (3D Game Animation)
	\item \href{}{Humber College} (Certificate in School of Media Studies and Information Technology: 3D Modeling and Visual Effects)
	\item \href{}{Max the Mutt??? Animation School} (Concept Art for Animation Video Games)
	\item \href{}{Trios College} (Video Game Design \& Development)

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