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	\item \hyperlink{In_Game_Rewards}{1In Game Rewards}
	\item \hyperlink{Overview}{1.1Overview}
	\item \hyperlink{Minor_Goals}{1.2Minor Goals}
	\item \hyperlink{Major_Goals}{1.3Major Goals}
	\item \hyperlink{Epic_Goals}{1.4Epic Goals}
	\item \hyperlink{EXTREME.21.211_Goals}{1.5EXTREME!!1 Goals}

\subsection{ In Game Rewards }\hypertarget{Overview}{}

\subsubsection{ Overview }

This section outlines the in-game rewards for GWRIT. Please tag all suggestions for in-game rewards with a proposed point value and your name. This way discussion/questions are directed to the right person. For example: Killing the Dragon - 500 points (Matt).
	\item Minor goals should be worth one digit points, eg. daily login is worth 5 points per day.
	\item Major goals should be worth two digit points, eg. writing 500 words is worth 50 points.
	\item Epic goals should be worth three digit points, eg. writing for 20 hours is worth 500 points.
	\item EXTREME!!1 goals should be worth five digit points, eg. average 750 words per day for 50 days is worth 50,000 points.

\subsubsection{ Minor Goals }
	\item Daily Login - 5 points (Matt)
	\item Online for 1 hour in a single session - 5 points (Matt)
	\item Online for 5 hours total - 5 points (Matt)
	\item Write word over 15 characters - 5 points (Matt)
	\item Create your first task - 5 points (Matt)
	\item Complete a milestone - 1 point (Matt)
	\item Complete a task - 1 point (Matt)

\subsubsection{ Major Goals }
	\item Write 750 words in one session - 75 points(Matt)
	\item Write 500 words in one session- 50 points (Matt)
	\item Online for 50 hours total - 50 points (Matt)
	\item Online for 20 hours total - 20 points (Matt)
	\item Complete 10 tasks - 20 points (Matt)

\subsubsection{ Epic Goals }
	\item Active time for 20 hours - 500 points (Matt)
	\item Write 2,000 words in one session - 200 points (Matt)
	\item Write 1,500 words in one session - 150 points (Matt)
	\item Write 1,000 words in one session - 100 points (Matt)

\subsubsection{ EXTREME!!1 Goals }
	\item Write 750 words per day for 50 days - 50,000 points (Matt)
	\item Write 750 words per day for 30 days - 30,000 points (Matt)
	\item Write 750 words per day for 10 days - 10,000 points (Matt)
	\item Write 10,000 words total - 1,000 points (Matt)