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* [ Game of Writing Project Draft]
* [ Game of Writing Project Draft]
* [ Research Question Ideas]
* [ Research Question Ideas]
* []
=== Personas and Scenarios ===
=== Personas and Scenarios ===

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This page gathers The Writing Game documents


About the Project

The Writing Game is a project supported by GRAND that is developing an online writing environment with gamification features. Users can start projects, challenge themselves to meet deadlines, challenge others to finish writing projects, or use writing tactics to complete projects. The Writing Game is being developed by Matt Bouchard. Geoffrey Rockwell is the project director. University of Alberta GRAND researchers who have contributed include: Michael Burden, Joyce Yu, Sean Gouglas, Betsy Sargent and Shannon Lucky. Special thanks to the University of Alberta GRAND team for their ideas and support.

We are now working on version 2.0 with Roger Graves, Heather Graves, and Ryan Chartier.

Current location of beta:

Version 1.0 Beta:

Tutorials and Help

Literature and Links

Google Doc Links

Personas and Scenarios



Bugs, Features and Other

Meeting Notes

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