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LaTeX code for Game Ideas

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	\item \hyperlink{Game_Ideas}{1Game Ideas}
	\item \hyperlink{fAR-Play_Games}{1.1fAR-Play Games}
	\item \hyperlink{Off_the_wall_games}{1.2Off the wall games}
	\item \hyperlink{Ideas}{1.2.1Ideas}

\subsection{ Game Ideas }

This page is place to keep ideas for different games.\hypertarget{fAR-Play_Games}{}

\subsubsection{ fAR-Play Games }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Charade_of_the_Dead}{ Charade of the Dead}

\subsubsection{ Off the wall games }

Off the wall games would be short interactions that are triggered "off the wall" of a location, typically by scanning a QR tag. Player scans a tag or enters a URL to starts the interaction. The interactive knows the location and can use that in the game. Wall interactives are not larger games that use QR tags - they are initiated at the site and are relatively short. Types of interactions include:
	\item  Going to a web site to get more information about the site or some object like an exhibit at the site.
	\item  Asking for more information to be set to you by email.
	\item  Entering a conversation that is somehow constrained by the site. This could be a short dialogue with others about the site. It could be connecting to a social media site where people can upload pictures or stories tied to the site.

\paragraph{ Ideas }

Can we create a game engine that uses an Eliza-like AI to engage in short text message or email conversational games based on a site?

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