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LaTeX code for Game Analysis: Project Design Checklist - Hjartarson, Paul

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Hjartarson, Paul. Note. Project Design Checklist. 

A project design checklist developed by Paul H for the winter 2013???s HuCo530: Project Design and Management. The checklist is adapted from James P. Lewis???s Project Planning, Scheduling \& Control: A Hands-On Guide to Bringing Projects in on Time and on Budget and expands on Lynne Siemens???s checklist. Hjartarson's checklist consists of a series of components and questions associated with designing and managing a digital humanities project. The sections are broken down into these necessary components:
	\item A clear, concise statement defining the project, which has been prepared and reviewed for according to involved parties??? consensus. 
	\item Measurable and specific performance criteria developed.
	\item A work breakdown schedule developed to the level of being able to give accurate estimates of costs, resources, and working time for all project activities.
	\item A statement of project scope that defines limits of what will and will not be developed.
	\item Tangible deliverables broken down into specific milestones.
	\item Identified risks and contingency plans.
	\item The project plan has been prepared with input and/or participation from the individuals that must implement it.
	\item The project plan must be reviewed and signed off by stakeholders and distributed to contributors.
	\item A control system must be established to assess progress.
	\item Individuals have been selected for assignment to the project.
	\item The project has been planned to manageable detail.

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