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Welcome to the GRAND Interactives project site. From here you can find documents and resource links pertaining to the project this group is working on.


Research Methods

Methods for Game Design

Games, systems, tools, and design methodologies for designing both physical and digital games.

Game Design Narratives

Stories, narratives, and examples of real-world game development projects.

Assessment Tools

Information about the assessment tools we are developing

Literature Review & Precises

Literature related to our experiments

Assessment Framework

Information regarding the assessment frameworking we're developing

Interactivity and Touch

Information around our research on tactility, interactivity and touch.

Geolocation Based Games

Survey of geolocation based games.

Game of Writing

Documents related to the development of a writing game.


Documents related to the development of the fAR-Play platform.

Game Ideas

A place for ideas about types of games.


A place for games related to PLAYPR.

Video Games Archive Project

Documents around a proposed archiving project

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