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LaTeX code for GDG Paper Outline

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This is an outline of our paper on cobble cards

	\item \hyperlink{Introduction}{1Introduction}
	\item \hyperlink{Literature_Review}{2Literature Review}
	\item \hyperlink{Taxonomy_of_card_games_for_game_design}{3Taxonomy of card games for game design}
	\item \hyperlink{How_doe_these_work.3F}{4How doe these work?}
	\item \hyperlink{Cobble_Cards}{5Cobble Cards}
	\item \hyperlink{How_Cobble_Cards_has_been_used_in_Compute_250}{6How Cobble Cards has been used in Compute 250}

\subsubsection{ Introduction }

What is the paper about? \hypertarget{Literature_Review}{}

\subsubsection{ Literature Review }
	\item  PvH has list of stuff
	\item  PvH will write

\subsubsection{ Taxonomy of card games for game design }
	\item  DH or other to set up games and review them for us
	\item  DH to send stuff to GR

\subsubsection{ How doe these work? }

We talk about and comes partly from Lit Review - PvH
	\item  Scaffolding
	\item  Game players know card games
	\item  Value of tangibles
	\item  Randomness
	\item  Lowering threshold of participation and 
	\item  Participatory design
	\item  Facilitating communication
	\item  Does it improve creativity

\subsection{ Cobble Cards }
	\item  How it works and web site. PvH

Patrick can explain game playGR can write about the web site\hypertarget{How_Cobble_Cards_has_been_used_in_Compute_250}{}

\subsection{ How Cobble Cards has been used in Compute 250 }
	\item  Iterative use in Compute 250 - get suggestions
	\item  Use within group
	\item  Use with different cards

We talk about and write up

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