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Bygone Pursuits is a game created for Fort Edmonton Park using the fAR-Play platform.


The Game

Bygone Pursuits consists of three adventures, one corresponding to each street at Fort Edmonton park.


Each adventure of the game has a narrative associated with it, with each question in the scavenger hunt reinforcing the theme for the adventure with which it is associated. The game character from the first adventure, 1885, is the father of the characters in the other 2 adventures (1905 and 1920s).


In the 1885 adventure, the player is an RCMP officer headquartered in Fort Saskatchewan. This character seeks to bring law and order to the west by settling land disputes, arresting vagrants, and questioning the Edmonton settlement's populace about other crimes and disruptions to the peace. Upon completing the adventure, this character retires and marries, and has two children.


*The 1905 character is the eldest child of the mountie from the 1885 adventure and is an investigative reporter. This character wanders about 1905 street seeking scoops to write about, ranging from investigating tent city to checking out the new Bank of Montreal building to figuring out why a constable with the Edmonton police has been granted an extended leave from the force.


Game Mechanics

The game is initiated by scanning a QR tag on a pamphlet outlining the game. The player then completes a registration process, then chooses which adventure to play.

Answers to the questions can be found by reading signage in the park and by interacting with interpreters.

User Interface

The Development Process

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